Suena la FILO


A program of musical and artistic activities during FILO; offering a wide range of totally free shows that are held mostly in outdoors forums.


One of the main bases ruling Fondo Ventura is the awareness towards literature through other artistic or cultural expressions, so the program Suena La FILO consists of projects that bring together music and literature, presenting a variety of musical shows from jazz to rock, whilst also putting on performances and art exhibitions.


Standing out among those bands and shows that have been presented are:


Michel Houellebecq con los hermanos Arreola

Luis Nacht Trío

Triciclo Circus Band

The Jolly Boys

Los gaiteros de San Jacinto

Reyes Vallenato

Systema Solar

31 minutos

Luis Pescetti


Michael Nyman

Lila Downs & Celso Piña


Love electric

Juan Villoro’s show “Mientras nos dure el veinte”

Mariel Mariel