Ventura-Almadía Residency for literary creation


Creative literary residency aimed at writers 30 years and over of any nationality, to reside in Oaxaca City.

The main objective of this project is to forge the first steps to consolidate a prestigious artist residency in Oaxaca City, which seeks to generate a new space for creative exploration and cultural exchange, in a culturally active community with outstanding artists from all disciplines.

An open call was launched for the first residencies, with Diana del Ángel (2017) and Sergio Arroyo (2018) the successful recipients.

Currently the project includes a professional development program where the resident writer works with Oaxacan authors, sharing their knowledge and experience. In August 2019, Juan Pablo Villalobos gave narrative workshops for Oaxacan authors, in which Clyo Mendoza, Karina Sosa, Pergentino José and Antonio Vásquez participated.