Zaachila Book Fair


This book fair includes the exhibition and sale of publications and a series of cultural activities that are held in various public spaces at Villa de Zaachila, a village located just 6 km southwest of Oaxaca City.


The project aims to facilitate the decentralization of  the cultural experience that is offered mainly in the area of ​​Oaxaca City by replicating the format of FILO and offering a program of activities related to promoting books and reading, unleashing a series of events that benefit living conditions and opportunities for children and the younger population of Zaachila.


Also, this initiative seeks to establish long-term partnerships with local authorities and/or civil associations that develop activities related to promoting reading habits, and through achieving a continuation of these activities to benefit a higher level of literacy in the community. In the specific case of Villa de Zaachila, Fondo Ventura found a fertile territory for conducting literary events and book presentations, conferences and talks, as well as artistic activities, such as movie projections, concerts and performances.