Volunteering + Inclusion of labour


FILO Scholarship

Aimed at recent graduates interested in cultural promotion and reading. Searching for talent that can collaborate in the organization of the Oaxaca International Book Fair (FILO).

It offers young university graduates an opportunity for professional training in the field of cultural management, through their participation in the stages of planning and execution of the various areas that make up the FILO.

This unique experience, in addition to having a curricular value, aims to stimulate the development of skills, talents and abilities of young participants.


FILO volunteers

For Fondo Ventura, the civil association organizing the Oaxaca International Book Fair (FILO), it is very important to have the participation of the public when it comes to the preparation and development of a top-quality book festival.

That is why every year, through its Volunteer Program, it calls on people over 18 who wish to carry out activities that boost their creativity, foster critical thinking and allow them to explore, demonstrate and develop their skills.