Volunteering + Inclusion of labour



Every year Fondo Ventura calls on young people over 21 years to be part of our volunteer program for the International Book Fair of Oaxaca (FILO). Young people and adults will perform specific tasks in certain venues of the Festival, which has as a core goal to approach the Oaxacan public and visitors with books.


Volunteers should have available time for the organization of activities and execution of events during FILO, therefore, we request a minimum assistance for at least 4 hours per day for 3 weeks.


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Fondo Ventura is currently forming its own Social Service program, as well as establishing agreements with universities and institutions to provide university students with the necessary documents for their social service.


Currently we have an agreement with Almadía Publishing House to recruit in several universities of Mexico City students needing their social service to perform activities with the Publishing House.


The first generation of social service providers will be active for the second semester of 2017.