Biblioteca Profesor Ventura


The Biblioteca Profesor Ventura was inaugurated in december 2012 and in june 2016 it was given in commodatum agreement to Fondo Ventura. Since then, the building has been rehabilitated and we’ve had increased the Library’s book and didactic games collection, currently available in its two consultation rooms.


Also, under Fondo Ventura’s administration, the guiding values that direct all our projects are integrated, in order  to promote in the short and medium term the social integration of specific groups through cultural, educational and sports activities.


For this reason, this space promotes respect for human relations and their cultural manifestations, it encourages organization as a means to achieve the common good, and also it invests in collective work to generate and operate long-term solutions that transform the lives of people and the community. It is an open and inclusive space where diversity of ideas can coincide. Through the appropriate use of this space, we seek to establish networks and strong links that favor harmonious and peaceful coexistence.



To provide library services and to conserve and increase the current collection, and to implement educational, cultural and recreational projects that contribute to the formation of a cultural proposition and that allow in the short and medium term to reconstruct the community’s social fabric.



To be a space where activities are carried out in order to expand the concept of a public library that is currently conceived in Mexico, through the development of a venue that besides satisfying the needs of information, education and leisure, also becomes a meeting point for everyone, where ideas, proposals and strategies are generated in order to reinforce the links of identity in the surrounding population.









-Collaborative Spirit





To provide the community of San Martín Mexicapam with the proper library services, as well as, to develop a program of artistic, cultural, educational and recreational activities that favor the integral formation of its children and young population, as well as to encourage the respectful and peaceful social coexistence among the community.