About us

Fondo Ventura is a non-profit civil association founded in Oaxaca City, México, on November 17th 2004, inspired by the work of Professor Ventura López.

We work to promote access to culture through the circulation of a diverse range of artistic works, with special emphasis drawn from the literary field. Through this activity we endeavor to strengthen the defense, permanence, and/or recovery of the rich cultural heritage of humanity.

In 2016 Fondo Ventura won the Prize for Promoting Reading and Writing in Civil Society, awarded by the Ministry of Culture, the Secretariat of Public Education (SEP), the Organization of Ibero-American States (OEI), the National Chamber of Mexican Publishing Industry (CANIEM) and the Mexican Bookstores Association (ALMAC).




Promoting improvements in the quality of life for people, communities and organizations, through the design, circulation and implementation of activities to promote reading and the arts. These activities enable groups and individuals to develop skills, broaden their understanding through new perspectives and references, and widen the opportunities on offer in the places where people live.



Our vision is to create a fully integrated organization with projects that stimulate the cognitive abilities of girls, boys, young people, women and men, and which in the short and medium term translates into wider opportunities for training, knowledge and recreation, thus promoting the social and communal development of Oaxaca and Mexico.